Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dystopian Wars : FSA renegade stealth fleet vs loyalists - SoSPill vs Xelee

Captain Herodius McMillan surveyed his fleet with pride. The crews had spend the last week removing every vestige of colour from their ships. All ships were jet black except for the cruisers that had been captured overnight in a surprise attack. Following the replacement of the senior officers and key NCOs the 3 cruisers were combat ready. 

The flagship Invincibility's recon flyers had spotted the South Pacific Fleet at dawn. With the captured cruisers reinforcing his fleet Captain McMillan felt confident he could remove the immediate threat to the rebellion allowing it time to subvert more forces.

Captain McMillan's Renegage Black-Stealth-Fleet-of-Gunnery-Doom (680pts):
170 - Battleship Invincibility
180 - Lexington Cruisers x 3 (stealth cruisers)
180 - Lexington Cruisers x 3 (captured cruisers)
75 - Augusta Frigates x 3 (stealth frigates 1)
75 - Augusta Frigates x 3 (stealth frigates 2)
Ten tiny flyer tokens

Captain Barrington Secundum's South Pacific Fleet (690pts):
170 - Battleship Inglorious
220 - A-17 Bombers x 4
100 - Augusta Frigates x 4
100 - Augusta Frigates x 4
100 - Augusta Frigates x 4
Ten tiny flyer tokens

Stealth cruisers take a hit

Captain McMillan ordered his stealth cruisers forward but had little to shoot at except some frigates. One enemy frigate sustained minor damage. The Inglorious moved in front of the frigates to protect them and its main guns got 5 hits on a stealth cruiser. Shrapnel from the hits killed Lieutenant Yuslis who was in charge of the shield generator. He had been busy berating the crew for not polishing the knobs to a mirror shine. Warrant Officer Orsum took command of the generator and quickly got the crew prepared for further attacks.

Captain Secundum ordered his A-17s to engage the stealth cruisers. Poor formation flying blocked one bombers attack run. Exceptional work by WO Orsum's shield crew meant the torpedoes that were on target had no effect.

The stealth cruisers moved into medium range and fired a combined salvo against the Inglorious. Captain Secundus was chortling quietly to himself as he saw the cruisers approaching, already thinking about the carnage his heavy guns would reap as they rotated towards the smaller ships. He wasn't worried when the cruisers got off the first rounds confident in his armour and shields...

Heavy shells began crashing down onto the deck. Two shells penetrated the deck armour. One cut through the ship hitting the reactor core. Inglorious disappeared in a blinding Sturginium flare.

Determined to have their revenge the remaining South Pacfic fleet ships fired everything they had at the stealth cruisers.

Frigates inflict minor damage

Short range torpedo attack against damaged cruisers
Remnants of small flyer torpedo attack force visible, AA destroyed 3 of the 4 flyers.
Three short range torpedo salvos were fired at the cruisers. The first salvo missed its target, the second scored 5 hits but one was deflected by the shields causing no damage. The third salvo scored 8 hits. Orsum's shield crew were in excellent form by now and deflected 5 of the hits preventing any further damage to their critically damaged ship.

Having used most of their firepower ineffectively against 3 seemingly unsinkable cruisers the South Pacific fleet suffered the combined return fire of Invincibilty, 6 cruisers and 5 frigates. This gutted the South Pacific centre and the remaining ships fled.

Losses (not counting small flyers)

South Pacific Fleet
Battleship Inglorious
A-17 Bombers x 4
Augusta Frigates x 7

Stealth Fleet of Doom
Augusta Frigate x 1

Captain McMillan was satisified with the results of the battle. He made a note in his log. Big guns and shields = win. Bombers and rockets = fail.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does anyone have 8 spare marders?

Reichsgrenadiers 1750
HQ 25
Grens 120
Grens 120
Pioneers 170
Pioneers 170
Marders x 4 265
Nebs with Pak 40 160
Marders x 4 210
Pak 40s x 3 120
Panther turret 180
Pak 40 nest 45
Pak 40 nest 45
HMG pillbox 80
HMG nest 40 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

If I wasn't taking a Strelkovy to Conquest, I'd take this instead.

Striped King Tiger supports Pioniers

Well done on a great Total War game on Saturday. I called in for an hour and was impressed how balanced it was. One of the important lessons was infantry need smoke. Along that theme I've made a veteran infantry horde list with two smoke templates and heavy support. It's not the most balanced list but should be fun to play. It's based off a list I saw a while ago on the forums (?Mike McMann's list).


To get 8 Platoons - drop the HMGs and take a short pioneer platoon. Add in armoured 3.7cm AA. Can then KG to 8 platoons and have KT, Brummbars, Pioniers + mortars and Fallshirmjager on the board.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Witches' Cauldron - Deployment.

 Optimal deployment for Witches' Cauldron?

Following my comments on Jamie's blog I've added a picture of what I think is a good deployment strategy for the defender in Witches' cauldron. Jamie and I have played this mission twice but each time the defender has lost quickly before reserves arrived. Both times the defender got swamped by a strelk blob.

In the above game Jamie deployed pioniers, stugs and grenadiers in the big forest and had Pak 40s in immediate ambush. Not having thought about the mission much, neither of us had considered the best deployment strategy for the defender. By putting his units inside the forest it allowed the attacker to deploy near the objectives.

Keep the attacker back by deploying on the edge of your deployment zone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Estonians vs Kruger's Panzer IV Kompanie

I loaned my Brummbars to Jason to make his list

HQ & 2iC Panzer IV

5 Panzer IV
3 Panzer IV

4 Brummbars
3 Mobelwagons
3 Hummels

I used the Estonian list with 3 tigers.

We played Encounter

I Kampfgrupped to 8 platoons, Jason to 6.

   Hummels               Mobelwagons                                                          ----------------
   ***************************************           Village 000                         /
****************hill**********************            00Brums00                       /
********ffffffffffffffffffffffff***************                  0000000                       /
*******fffffffffffffffffffffffff***************                                                       /
**********ffffffffffffffff*********************             fffffffff                             /
*************************************                 ffffffffffffff                           /river
*********************************                        fffffffffff                            /
                   Pioneers                      3 Tigers                                      /
                                                                                                          /       4 Pak 40s X
                                  Grens with 2 Pak 40sX

Jason deployed 3 Hummels, 3 Mobel Wagons, 4 Brummbars
I deployed the Grenadiers with attached Pak 40s, 3 Tigers, the pioneers and the 4 Paks.

I moved the tigers and pioneers forward. The hummels killed 4 pioneers on the 2nd turn (5 hits and 4 failed infantry saves). The Tigers and Brummbars got in a duel. Due to the hill slope I couldn't shoot them without getting close. The Brummbars won the duel, destroying 2 tigers in one turn and the other failed its morale save. My pioneers moved forward into the forest on the hill but were MGed to death when 5 panzer IVs turned up. The heroic panzerschreck had moved up with the CiC into the forest as well. It survived the panzer IVs shooting and destroyed a Hummel.

With my main attacking force gone I started to move the pak 40s forward on the right, hugging the river edge. The 5 panzer IVs and brummbars approached the Grenadiers. Due to a high number of panzer IVs bogging on the embankment, the panzer IVs were destroyed by assaults/Pak 40 shooting over 2 turns. The brummbars retreated.

As it was getting late we called it a draw.

In retrospect - I should have moved the pioneers and tigers into the middle forest and whittled Jason's force down. As long as I was spread out he couldn't get more than 1 Tiger under a Hummel template. The pioneers would have flamed and assaulted the Brummbars if they'd come too close. 

Air power doesn't work very well against veteran opponents with mobelwagons.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Estonian List

The Estonian pdf list has some special rules and attachment options that make the Estonians one of the most flexible axis lists with excellent ambushs. I used a 1000 point Estonian list successfully to win a tourament previously.

1000 points
HQ mortars, panzerschreck, 2xHMGs, 3 Pak 40s, two FT grenadier platoons, a full rifle pioneer platoon and a heer CV tiger. Because the HMGs and Pak 40s can be combat attached, the ambush platoon can be

7 stand R/MG grenadiers + attached mortars + panzerschreck + 2 HMGs + 3 Pak 40s.

In the last game of the tournament my ambush simultaneously destroyed a flame tank platoon, and put 26 shots + a mortar template onto a strelk platoon in the open.

The Estonian special rules are
For Estonia! - When defending in a defensive battle you may reroll failed company morale checks.
The Line must Hold - When defending in a defensive battle, after deployment you may move one platoon 16" within you deployment zone.

At 1750 points I am thinking of two options - The 3 tiger option and a 3 panther option

Pak 40 x 3 + trucks135
Pak 40 RSOs   245
3 Panthers 600


Pak 40s215

The Estonian force on the table in half on/half off missions will usually be
CiC + faust                           40
Panzerschreck                      25
Mortars                                45
Grens + 2 Pak 40 + HMG  240
Pioneers + supply               235
3 Tigers                              645
4 Pak 40s                           215
Stukas                                100

=1545/1750 deployed = 88%.

In fighting withdrawal - the platoons that can be withdrawn are all small.
1 x HMG + command (45 points)
1 x 3 stand grens (50 points)
1 x 3 stand grens (50 points)
1 x Pak 40 + command (55 points)
1 x panzerschreck (25 points)

Attacking with this list might be more difficult but it worked ok at 1000 points. I think it would have the most difficulty in a free for all and attacking in a no retreat mission.

Does anyone have any thoughts about taking a goliath instead of the supply truck? :)

Panzergrenadiers vs Strelkovy - 1750 points LW. Modifed cauldron.

My list was - Fortress Europe Panzergrenadiers HQ + fausts
2 x Panzergrens + fausts
King Tiger
4 Brummbars
3 Hummels
3 Pak 40s
Limited air support

Jamie's list was
HQ + sappers
2 x 2 platoon strelks. He attached the half the sappers to each and one had a flame thrower.
5 x KV-8s flame tanks (250 points!)
4 x Su-100s
Limited sturmovichs
something else that never turned up - SU-76?

We played a modified cauldron mission.
Attackers table edge
/     4                        1      /                  S=Strelk
/     G                               /                  G=GoW
/    3      /   x x x    /   2     /
/            /   x x x    /   S     /
Defenders table edge

This differs from the usual cauldron in that the defender deploys and places the objectives in a 2x2 foot box within their half of the table.

I deployed 2 pzrgren platoons and 4 brummbars
Jamie deployed the GoW and the 2 strelks.

The strelk with the flame thrower and 3 sappers was hiding in a forest in sector 2. The other strelk was hiding in a forest on top of a hill in the middle of the table. My deployment area had multiple hedges that blocked line of sight for infantry.

Turn 1 - I moved my infantry back so I wouldn't be assaulted and flamed on the first turn. My planes hit the strelk in sector 2 killing 4 stands and pinning them for the next three turns despite the Komissar reroll (ie 6 stands died because of the air strike).

Jamie got reserves and brought the flame tanks on. The Strelks stayed where they were. GoW failed to range in and Jamie planes turn up but were intercepted.

Turn 2 - 4 Apart from my stukas destroying 2 flame tanks I basically managed to do very little as I was trying to stay 10" away from the strelk in the forests and the flame tanks and still within range of the objectives. 1 brummbar was killed by air.

Turn 5 - No reserves arrived. Jamie assaulted and destroyed 1 panzergren platoon with the strelk from sector 2. The other strelk and the flame tanks moved up to assault the next turn.

Turn 6 - No reserves arrived. I tried to assault the strelk with the other panzergrens but Jamie's 6 shots of defensive fire hit 5 times.

Jamies turn 6 - Assault destroyed everything I on the table - 6-1 to Jamie.


Thoughts on modified cauldron. I felt more boxed in than in the standard cauldron mission. Although the defenders deployment area is further back, the attacker can deploy up to the halfway point. Retreating backwards isn't an option.

However, I think my poorly designed list may have a bearing on my thoughts on the mission. The list that I was going to take to destroy Jamie's Radzveki list would probably have done better in this mission. I think the key to winning cauldron is for the defender to attack the attacker. For this to work it is best to have as much of the force on the table as possible. In this game I only used 895 points (51%) of my force.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day of Days painting project - 6th Fallschirmjäger from Hell's Highway

I'm painting a new force for Day of Days. It's the first time I've painted a full infantry force as I usually use the pioneers I bought off John.

6th Fallschirmjäger

CiC faust/SMG & 2ic  SMG                                65 FV
3 x panzerschreck                                             75 FV
2 x stummelwerfer 8cm                                      50 FV

1 x command faust/SMG, 9 x rifle/MG squads   260 FV

1 x command faust/SMG, 9 x rifle/MG squads   260 FV

Regimental support (2nd column)
1 x command SMG, 4 x 7.5cm PaK40               230 FV 

Divisional support (3rd column)
2 x Panzer IV G, 2 x Panzer IIIL                         260 CT

Total                                                               1200 points

I've started with the PaK40 platoon.
Things I'll do differently with the next platoon.
A) Use a black undercoat. I'd run out of black and thought I'd try the FoW german armour dungelbelb.
B) Get a different matt spray coat. The one I've got is too glossy.