Friday, September 23, 2011

Witches' Cauldron - Deployment.

 Optimal deployment for Witches' Cauldron?

Following my comments on Jamie's blog I've added a picture of what I think is a good deployment strategy for the defender in Witches' cauldron. Jamie and I have played this mission twice but each time the defender has lost quickly before reserves arrived. Both times the defender got swamped by a strelk blob.

In the above game Jamie deployed pioniers, stugs and grenadiers in the big forest and had Pak 40s in immediate ambush. Not having thought about the mission much, neither of us had considered the best deployment strategy for the defender. By putting his units inside the forest it allowed the attacker to deploy near the objectives.

Keep the attacker back by deploying on the edge of your deployment zone.


  1. Hi Chris, I don't quite agree with that:
    1. I didn't actually get swamped by Strelk, in fact where were the Strelk at the end of the game? They ran into equal numbers of Veteran infantry and came off second best. :P
    2. The other flank did get swamped, so yes putting down ATGs then overwatching them with StuGs wasn't exactly the best strategy.

    I agree though, the key to this one (due to the big deployment box, which has corners) may well be to throw out mobile pickets then pull them back.

  2. "the Strelk were gutted and as a bonus actually broke and fled the table"

    I don't really agree with the above statement either.

    An under half strelk is not necessarily gutted. They're just under half. There were still about 10 teams + flamethrower + CiC + 2iC + Komissar + observer. If I had allocated hits better ie sappers, 2iC and observer first they wouldn't have been under half. The fact that they broke was important as otherwise there would have been a flame assault on the grenadiers and then a breakthrough assault onto the bailed stugs. Clearly I need practice with moving strelk around and allocating hits. (I am making these comments as a reminder to myself to do this next time :)

    The important thing I was trying to say was that the strelkovy surrounded the objective on turn 2 which need not have happened.