Sunday, October 2, 2011

If I wasn't taking a Strelkovy to Conquest, I'd take this instead.

Striped King Tiger supports Pioniers

Well done on a great Total War game on Saturday. I called in for an hour and was impressed how balanced it was. One of the important lessons was infantry need smoke. Along that theme I've made a veteran infantry horde list with two smoke templates and heavy support. It's not the most balanced list but should be fun to play. It's based off a list I saw a while ago on the forums (?Mike McMann's list).


To get 8 Platoons - drop the HMGs and take a short pioneer platoon. Add in armoured 3.7cm AA. Can then KG to 8 platoons and have KT, Brummbars, Pioniers + mortars and Fallshirmjager on the board.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Good list - does this mean I can have my Strelkovy back?

  2. Do you want a game some time? I'll play this list and you play the strelk? I've got some SU-152s on order.