Friday, October 26, 2012

Conquest 2012 pictures

Game 1 vs Pooch. Marder horde.

Game 1 - Barbed wire blocks half the table.

Last ditch Stuart attack over the hill

Game 2 vs Jon - Cauldron

Marders kill Stuarts, Pioniers assault motor platoon

Game 4 - Pincer vs Lionel. Observer cam.

Friday, October 12, 2012

15. Pionierkompanie progress

15. Pionierkompanie in Combat Mission: Afrika Korps

12 October
 15 October
Marders & M14/41s
Stuart rams Crusader

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

El Alamein Afrika korps progress

Progress report for Conquest

The models arrived on 9 September 2012. As Conquest is nearly here and seeing the progress on Xelee's and Pooch's blogs I was motivated to get started.

In blister packs at 1940h
6 Marder III (7.62cm)
5 M14/41
2 Marder III (7.62cm)

In blister packs at 2157h
4 Marder III (7.62cm)
4 Marder III (7.62cm)
5 M14/41

The book has some nice pics and the OOBs for most of the forces at El Alamein.

Tasks to be completed before Conquest
Assemble 4 Marder III (7.62cm)
Paint 8 Marder III (7.62cm)
Paint 5 M14/41
Repaint 2 8-rads
Repaint 2 Pak 38s
Repaint 2 pioneer platoons in DAK colours and rebase, integrating some DAK pioneer models that I got today at Comics.
Find miscellaneous support vehicles and paint...

Decide whether to take a pioneer supply vehicle or AA machine guns on the M14/41s. Mines or wire from the supply vehicle would really fit with the El Alamein setting. On the other hand 30 MG shots from the M14/41s...