Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Estonians vs Kruger's Panzer IV Kompanie

I loaned my Brummbars to Jason to make his list

HQ & 2iC Panzer IV

5 Panzer IV
3 Panzer IV

4 Brummbars
3 Mobelwagons
3 Hummels

I used the Estonian list with 3 tigers.

We played Encounter

I Kampfgrupped to 8 platoons, Jason to 6.

   Hummels               Mobelwagons                                                          ----------------
   ***************************************           Village 000                         /
****************hill**********************            00Brums00                       /
********ffffffffffffffffffffffff***************                  0000000                       /
*******fffffffffffffffffffffffff***************                                                       /
**********ffffffffffffffff*********************             fffffffff                             /
*************************************                 ffffffffffffff                           /river
*********************************                        fffffffffff                            /
                   Pioneers                      3 Tigers                                      /
                                                                                                          /       4 Pak 40s X
                                  Grens with 2 Pak 40sX

Jason deployed 3 Hummels, 3 Mobel Wagons, 4 Brummbars
I deployed the Grenadiers with attached Pak 40s, 3 Tigers, the pioneers and the 4 Paks.

I moved the tigers and pioneers forward. The hummels killed 4 pioneers on the 2nd turn (5 hits and 4 failed infantry saves). The Tigers and Brummbars got in a duel. Due to the hill slope I couldn't shoot them without getting close. The Brummbars won the duel, destroying 2 tigers in one turn and the other failed its morale save. My pioneers moved forward into the forest on the hill but were MGed to death when 5 panzer IVs turned up. The heroic panzerschreck had moved up with the CiC into the forest as well. It survived the panzer IVs shooting and destroyed a Hummel.

With my main attacking force gone I started to move the pak 40s forward on the right, hugging the river edge. The 5 panzer IVs and brummbars approached the Grenadiers. Due to a high number of panzer IVs bogging on the embankment, the panzer IVs were destroyed by assaults/Pak 40 shooting over 2 turns. The brummbars retreated.

As it was getting late we called it a draw.

In retrospect - I should have moved the pioneers and tigers into the middle forest and whittled Jason's force down. As long as I was spread out he couldn't get more than 1 Tiger under a Hummel template. The pioneers would have flamed and assaulted the Brummbars if they'd come too close. 

Air power doesn't work very well against veteran opponents with mobelwagons.

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