Sunday, September 2, 2012

El Alamein 2nd battle list

The german armour at El Alamein consisted mainly of:

Panzer III J            5/3/1 ROF 3 AT 7 FP 4+           @                90 points each
Panzer III J (late)  5/3/1 ROF 3 AT 9 FP 4+           @              105 points each
Panzer IV F1         5/3/1 ROF 2 AT 9 FP 3+           @              100 points each
Panzer IV F2         5/3/1 ROF 2 AT 11 FP 3+         @              145 points each 
Marder III (7.62cm)  1/0/0 ROF 2 AT 11 FP 3+    @               81 points each

Link to list of armour at El Alamein

I'm going to try out a 'glass cannon' list and hope I fight mainly shermans and avoid fighting .50 cal carrier hordes or Churchill IIIs.

Link to article on Kingforce Churchill IIIs.

Pictures of Marder IIIs

Italian tanks


  1. Hi Chris, looks cool and I really like the Marder + inf combo. I almost wonder if anyone is actually bringing Kingforce? I do know there is atmleast one allied Div Cav....

  2. Mine is pretty similar Chris- at present I have panzer grenadiers instead of pioneers (but the piioneers are proably the better option) and artillery at the expense of a carri- maybe we have a comp to see who can knock out the most churchills :)